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The Twelve Days of Christmas from HIPPO: No. 5 – Sunny Support Staff!

December 11, 2011 | By | No Comments

Application Support Analysts in an Informatica Grid environment have a tough task: they often need to monitor multiple Integration services at the same time. The amount of execution history they can access is limited which means they find it hard to put overrunning jobs into context and they have limited time and access to enable them to diagnose issues and failures.

That’s why we have added some specially-created features for Support staff to HIPPO which enable Analysts to monitor their entire Informatica estate on a single screen and drill down from there to get all the details they need. The first of these is HIPPO’s Activity Monitor: a vizualisation of the current status of every task running across every Integration Service in the Informatica environment. The Activity Monitor Live screen automatically refreshes, colour-coding every task: red for failure, amber for sessions with rejected rows and green for success. Every task stays around on the screen for ten minutes after they end and, because HIPPO automatically extracts everything that is important from the Log File, you can drill down to the detailed level and examine, for example, how many rows were written to each of the targets in the session, how many rows were rejected and detailed diagnostic information for every failure so the fault can be routed the error to the relevant authority.

HIPPO’s Activity Monitor also provides an Historic View which means that you can put tonight’s overrun or failure into context: has this incident ever occurred before? (HIPPO stores all history back to when it was first installed), has the session ever run for this period of time before? What about last week, last month or last year’s execution? How about those rejected rows – why is this happening? You can also drill down into every task in the Historic View to every important metric reported for that execution – from the high level statistics all the way down to the % busy/idle for the Reader, Writer & transformation threads and the Task trends in data movement and resource consumption.

So, without leaving HIPPO, Support Analysts can enjoy a 360-degree view of the activity in their environment and can access all of the information they need to add value to the support they give to their Informatica stakeholders.

That’s why HIPPO is making Support Staff Sunny this Christmas!

Footnote: the latest version of HIPPO has just gone on general release and it is packed with new and unique features to manage, optimize and control your Informatica environment. In the run up to Christmas I am choosing twelve of my favourite new benefits that HIPPO brings to the Informatica Community. I acknowledge that the twelve days of Christmas occur after Christmas and not before but I hope that you will allow me a little poetic license here!

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