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The Twelve Days of Christmas from HIPPO: No. 4 – Administrators Aglow!

December 8, 2011 | By | No Comments

Spare a thought for your Informatica Administrator: they need to combine serious technical ability with the kinds of deal-making skills that would get them fast-tracked in the Diplomatic Service!

A big problem for Administrators is how do they ensure that the resources of a centralized Informatica Grid are shared fairly among their customers: a group of under-pressure Program and Project Managers with SLA’s and delivery deadlines to meet.

To illustrate the problem let’s turn the clock back to when the plans were first made to on-board these applications. Meetings were held and capacity requirements mapped out. Often using a best guess for what would be needed plus a bit more for contingency. After all, who wants to risk going live and being unable to meet processing demand? And a recharge structure was probably agreed. Someone, somewhere would pay for the additional resource required on the Grid to handle this increased workload. Perhaps the project will pay a monthly cost or perhaps they will pay upfront for additional capacity to be added to the Grid. In both cases using estimates made well before go-live to allow for purchasing and commissioning work to take place.

What happens next? Well everyone wants to feel that they are getting a fair deal right? Program Managers are no different. But how does an Administrator calculate the aggregate Informatica resource usage for an Application and, by extension, substantiate the monthly fees paid by their internal customers? Harder still, how about the initial upfront investment that was made, has it been justified by post go-live use?

Now you know why an Administrator needs to be a Diplomat as well as a Techie!

HIPPO’s gift to the Administrator is to take the heat out of the recharge process. HIPPO aggregates CPU, Memory and Data Movement metrics by Project over time and precisely calculates the resource cost of each project per month. HIPPO can even support Peak and Off-Peak charging tariffs. And what about those over-, or under-provisioned projects? With HIPPO you know exactly how much resource you need and when you need it, which makes for smarter provisioning decisions.

That’s why HIPPO is making Administrators Aglow this Christmas!

Footnote: the latest version of HIPPO has just gone on general release and it is packed with new and unique features to manage, optimize and control your Informatica environment. In the run up to Christmas I am choosing twelve of my favourite new benefits that HIPPO brings to the Informatica Community. I acknowledge that the twelve days of Christmas occur after Christmas and not before but I hope that you will allow me a little poetic license here!

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