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The Twelve Days of Christmas from HIPPO: No.3 – the Delighted Developer!

December 7, 2011 | By | No Comments

There’s something for everyone in the latest release of HIPPO and for HIPPO’s third gift this Christmas let’s open a bumper present for every Informatica Developer out there. Remember all those hours spent Log Trawling to extract the information that you need to understand why your session ran slowly, or spilt to disk, or how much Memory and CPU was used by your Session and by each Transformation? Or if your partitioning strategy did what you expected? Well that’s history now!

The new release of HIPPO has a smarter way to get to the information that you need to understand the reasons for poor performance and the opportunities that you have to make significant improvements. For instance, HIPPO will tell you how much Memory and CPU was actually available to Informatica when your job ran. What effect your session partitioning strategy has had. What else was running on the Node, Integration Service or entire Grid when your job ran and how do the resource profiles of these processes compare. What was the actual Memory used to run your Session according to the Host, not Informatica. What the resource usage and elapsed time trends are for your process execution over the past week, month or year. What’s happening in your Workflow and overall Project – what is their aggregated performance profile and where is that trend headed.

The hours that you spend crawling logs, making notes and calculations, getting frustrated by having only two weeks of history in your Informatica Repository and being unable to access and correlate Operating System metrics with Informatica are over. HIPPO gives you all of the information that you need at your fingertips, sourced from across your infrastructure for the Informatica and non-Informatica processes that make up your Application. HIPPO presents the performance profile of your non-Informatica processes together with your Informatica Transformations, Sessions, Workflows, Projects, Nodes and Grids and makes navigation between these levels easy: allowing you to move effortlessly from the profile of an individual transformation all the way up to the birds-eye view of your entire Application and Environment.

HIPPO will make Developers Delighted this Christmas by taking the legwork – and the guesswork – out of Informatica Performance profiling. Get HIPPO and turn optimizing Informatica from an Art into a Science!

Check back tomorrow for number 4 in the series.

Footnote: the latest version of HIPPO has just gone on general release and it is packed with new and unique features to manage, optimize and control your Informatica environment. In the run up to Christmas I am choosing twelve of my favorite new benefits that HIPPO brings to the Informatica Community. I acknowledge that the twelve days of Christmas occur after Christmas and not before but I hope that you will allow me a little poetic license here!

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