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The Twelve Days of Christmas from HIPPO: No.10 – Step up Developers & Testers! - HIPPO | VertoscopeHIPPO | Vertoscope
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The Twelve Days of Christmas from HIPPO: No.10 – Step up Developers & Testers!

December 22, 2011 | By | No Comments

As we all wind down for Christmas I thought that I would wrap up this series with a bumper bundle of three gifts from HIPPO to get 2012 off to a great start. Are you ready for your first parcel?

Gift No. 10 is a HIPPO for Projects trial license. This version of HIPPO is specifically designed to be used by Development and Testing teams and contains all of the features needed to understand workflow, mapping and session performance: including visibility of memory and CPU usage and trends from the big picture down to individual transformations, sources and targets.

Testers can set performance and resource thresholds that must be passed before go-live. HIPPO for Projects includes HIPPO’s Activity Monitor feature and the Notification Centre to alert you to events and execution issues in your environments.

Then there’s the Analysis feature in HIPPO: this is the deep dive down into the top workflow and session consumers by resource consumption, by elapsed time and by data movement. This is where your performance tuning work is likely to yield the largest benefit which is why HIPPO takes you from here to an intensive analysis of the Workflow by visualizing Execution behaviour, Workflow and Session trends and a historic analysis of workflow behaviour. HIPPO then drills down to profile individual Sessions by analysing individual Transformation behaviours, Data Movement characteristics, Task trends in terms of CPU, Cache, Data Movement, Time to First Row and thread profiles.

So Developers and Testers step forward! Unwrap your free trial of HIPPO for Projects by visiting our website to sign up for your trial in 2012 and prepare to see a step-change in the quality and performance of your Informatica applications.

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