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25 Apr


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Intelligent HIPPO’s – whatever next?

April 25, 2018 | By | No Comments

When monitoring a large scale production system, what is it that your best support analysts do that adds value? For us, that answer has always been that they leverage their knowledge of the system, it’s patterns, it’s nuances, it’s schedules. They do this by watching the system over time, building up a knowledge base of information about the system and then using that historical knowledge to identify and resolve issues – hopefully proactively!

Now HIPPO can do the same and we’re calling it Auto-Sense.

As part of HIPPO v5 we’re implementing Intelligent Heuristic Algorithms and Machine Learning techniques into HIPPO which leverage HIPPO’s vast knowledge base about your environment – it’s patterns, it’s nuances, it’s schedules. HIPPO knows more about your system and how it operates than even your best Support Analysts and now HIPPO can proactively warn you about anomalies and problems with your system without ever having to setup and manage a complex sets of rules.

· Automatically learns and monitors you scheduling patterns and warns on deviations or overruns
· Learns where to focus its gaze by monitoring and analysing patterns in failures and problem areas
· Recommends corrective action when anomalies are detected
· Identifies areas of opportunity to reduce your batch window
· ICC awareness means HIPPO can suggest architectural improvements e.g. node configuration, workload distribution, etc.
· When a problem occurs, HIPPO automatically collates and presents all relevant information on a single “Problem Dashboard” to help you resolve the issue quickly and easily

Auto-Sense is our vision of a truly autonomous monitoring system for Informatica.

HIPPO is evolving and we would love to hear your feedback about our vision for enterprise monitoring.

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