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02 May


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HIPPO Profiler – Log Files made Easy!

May 2, 2018 | By | No Comments

Trawling Log files is no one’s idea of fun, right? Especially in the middle of a production problem when time is limited and you need to get the show back on the road. There’s simply too much information to absorb and too many ways to interpret it.

Have you ever wished that you could quickly turn that PowerCenter session log file into a powerful problem-solving tool that gets you quickly to the answers you need?

The HIPPO Profiler does just that; it turns the data locked up in PowerCenter log files into actionable information displayed in an easy to understand graphical format.

HIPPO Profiler parses the log to produce a series of color coded charts that take you straight to the heart of your session execution identifying the primary cause of failure so you know exactly where action is needed to resolve the issue and complete the session execution.

But what if your problem is poor session performance? HIPPO Profiler can help there too by unlocking the information that you need to target the underlying cause of poor performance. Color-coded indicators guide you to where performance is being impacted by caches that spill to disk or rows being rejected. HIPPO Profiler also graphically illustrates how execution time is split across your reader, writer and transformation threads so that you know where to spend your time to improve session performance.

At the transformation level we tell you which transforms are consuming most execution time and allows you to correlate them against CPU and Memory resource usage for the session by graphically displaying the CPU & Memory profile for the session during the execution time.

Let’s consider Look Up Caches, for example; Cache behavior is a common cause of poor performance. When a wrongly configured cache spills to disk then the Log Profiler highlights this in red and if a SQL override is involved then this is displayed in yellow. You’ll find Actual and Advised cache data and index memory sizes so that you can make the adjustments needed to right size those cache files. You’ll also find the actual SQL executed to build the cache, the cache build time, row count and size so that you can identify poorly performing SQL and provide the information needed by your DBA to make improvements.

That’s just one of the features that you’ll find in the HIPPO Profiler. Try the tool for free and discover why spending hours analyzing log files has been consigned to history. Use HIPPO Profiler to turn your log files into actionable information to help you to resolve failures and improve performance.

Sign up for your free subscription to use our HIPPO Profiler service by sending an email to LogFilesMadeEasy@assertive-software.com.

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