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Get Ready for HIPPO V4! - HIPPO | VertoscopeHIPPO | Vertoscope
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Get Ready for HIPPO V4!

March 27, 2018 | By | No Comments

Announcing Version 4.0 of HIPPO

Version 4 of HIPPO is available  and has some great new features.
Over the course of the summer we have met with developers, administrators and support staff from twenty of the world’s largest Informatica customers to find out what we could add to HIPPO to make their lives easier.

They told us that they needed a tool which told them where they needed to focus, which jobs had failed, which had overrun, which had contended for resources with other resource-hungry jobs. They needed visibility; they were tired of going to multiple tools to understand their Informatica environment, of spending hours analyzing log files, of trying to guess when they should locate a new workflow in their schedule. Above all they needed something that could cut through the complexity of their Informatica environments to give them the answers about what is going on now as well as what has happened historically.

The result is HIPPO V4; built by us to meet the specific needs of Informatica Administrators, Developers and Support staff. HIPPO V4 is designed to cut through the complexity and get answers fast using HIPPO’s real-time analysis combined with our unique operational data warehouse containing an entire history of activity in your Informatica environment from the moment that HIPPO was installed.

Version 4 of HIPPO is available now. Read how HIPPO will make it easier for you to manage, support and improve the performance of your Informatica PowerCenter platform.

HIPPO – what you see is what you get!
Get Real Time Alerts & Notifications from HIPPO.
You have hundreds or even thousands of Informatica sessions running every day but you need to focus on which jobs are not behaving normally; which have overrun, which have failed or dropped rows or are using more CPU or Memory than usual. That’s where Exceptions, SLA and Deviation alerting from HIPPO will make your life easier.

HIPPO ensures that you are the first to know about over thirty different types of issues and failures that you define, ranging from missed SLAs, workflow, session or service failure to changes in performance levels or data volumes processed. Now HIPPO even enables you to correlate multiple failures for rapid root cause analysis and because HIPPO monitors all of the processes on your environment, including non-Informatica processes, then you can set notifications on Oracle or Teradata resource usage within your environment.

Alerts & Notifications have always been a part of HIPPO, in release 4 the feature has been hugely enhanced into a special module we call HANC – Hippo’s Active Notification Centre – with a new, easier interface to create and edit rules.

Focus on the Activity that matters in your Informatica Environment.
Focus on what you’re interested in! Activity Monitor now has the ability to focus only on failures or rejected row executions across your environment, both in real time and historically. HIPPO visually links these events to notifications so you can see at a glance which failures are most significant and must be dealt with first. Of course, Activity Monitor also gives you the big picture view of all activity in your environment so you get a full 360 degree view whenever you need it!

Be the first to know when Repository, Integration or Domain Services fail.
You need to know immediately when a Repository, Integration Service or Domian goes down. That’s why in HIPPO version 4, the Vital Signs function has been enhanced to give you the most up-to-date status possible on even the largest implementations to ensure that you can respond instantly to minimise downtime.

HIPPO links Version Control History to Session and Workflow failures.
Everyone knows that things often go wrong when changes to mappings, sessions and workflows go live. Unfortunately support staff rarely know that a change has been implemented. That’s why HIPPO v4 it’s now easy to see when the code version has changed and what the impact of those changes have been. HIPPO is the only tool on the market to correlate session behaviour to version history over time to help you identify the root cause of failure faster.

There are ten sessions running, which one is using all the memory?
HIPPO’s Timeline feature has rightly been described as a breakthrough in the ability of Informatica staff to visualise and interpret activity across their entire Informatica environment. Timeline is even better in Version 4; as well as providing you with an overview of everything that is running, or has run in your chosen time frame, you can now also visualize an individual session’s contribution to the overall system resource usage allowing you to pinpoint contention and resource constraints easily in a busy shared environment.

What’s coming next in Version 4.1

Version 4.1 is planned and we are already building some exciting new features in this release. Here’s what is planned in version 4.1:

Source and Target Analysis
In Version 4.1 HIPPO will identify at a glance when individual tables are being impacted by multiple sessions as sources or targets to enable you to quickly identify when database contention is causing your sessions and workflows to run more slowly than normal.
Governance Reporting
In version 4.1 HIPPO will provide a range of governance reports covering everything from naming standards to session configuration settings to ensure that you can catch coding errors before they cause sessions and workflows to fail in production.
Get advance warning of SLA failure by Real-time Batch Deviation Analysis
Watch your batch execute in real time and see expected end-times for each job. If a job is running for more than it’s predicted elapsed time then the jobs will be highlighted in red so you can immediately see the health of your processes based on historical analysis.
HIPPO offers sophisticated Filesystem Monitoring
Version 4 of HIPPO includes the ability to relate individual cache logs on disk to the session that generated them. This allows you to visualise not only filesystem usage (e.g. cache directories) but also to see which projects and which sessions are utilising this space in near-real time. Which means that you can take preventative action to stop service failure due to directory space issues.

Consolidated Domain, Node & Catalina Logs analysis from within HIPPO
Get all of your logs in one place across multiple domains and when you are notified of errors you will now receive the actual log excerpt as part of the notification from HIPPO’s Active Notification Centre.

For more information contact us at hippo@vertoscope.com or call us in the US at +1 866 634 1033 or in the UK at +44 (0) 20 7043 1787.

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