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Everything That You Wanted To Know About HIPPO But Were Too Polite To Ask…..

November 2, 2011 | By | No Comments

It’s great when you get asked a challenging question which actually really helps you to explain what’s unique about your product. Shailesh Chaudhri did this yesterday in a related Informatica Group. Shailesh asked “Mark, I believe HIPPO is a great product but then does it just not fetch all this information from the Informatica Repository? Why invest so much when Informatica Reporting services, connected to the repository gives nearly similar results. A few tweaks here and there and you get Dashboards created which give you the necessary information.”

In my reply I agreed with Shailesh that Informatica has some great tools and let him know that  this question arises quite regularly during webex demonstrations and conversations with prospective customers. I think that one of our existing customers from a major global bank put it best when he said that the Informatica solution and HIPPO are like two sides of a coin: the Informatica tools focus on the Informatica repository and the HIPPO solution looks outward from the Repository to what is happening in the infrastructure around Informatica.

And you know what? I think he hit the nail on the head. Only 25% of the information that HIPPO provides comes from Informatica and the remaining 75% comes from the Host CPUs, Memory, I/O, Storage and the databases that your Powercenter processes interact with. The unique thing about HIPPO is that it puts this information into the context of Informatica and of your own projects. Let’s take an example; if you have an application called Finance Data Warehouse which is made up of various Informatica processes, stored procedures and scripts then HIPPO allows you to create a logical grouping of these processes, Informatica and non-Informatica alike, and then produce a deep-grained analysis of the performance, cost and efficiency of this project and the trends of all of these key metrics. This isn’t available in the Informatica Reporting Services tool because its focus, good though it is, is  on the Informatica repository.

All of the information that HIPPO stores is held in an open data model in a database of your choice so if you would like to use Infa Reporting Services to build your own reports rather than use our browser-based reports then that’s great. We are completely open about our data model so anyone who use Reporting services on HIPPO’s Repository gets our full support!

So, thanks Shailesh, yours was a really perceptive question that gets to the heart of what’s different about HIPPO!

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