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02 Nov


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Do you run, or use, a shared Informatica Grid environment and does your company charge projects & programs to use that Grid? If so then I have a question for you: is your recharge model fair & accurate?

November 2, 2011 | By | No Comments

This isn’t an academic question; this has a real bottom line impact. The setup and operation of a shared Grid environment involves considerable cost. When these costs are recharged then the Grid Administrator needs to be sure that projects are being billed for their actual share of these costs. Likewise the project teams who get recharged for their consumption need to be sure that they are getting a fair deal. When the monthly bill arrives the Project/Program managers need to be able to see the empirical evidence to back up the charges: what percentage of CPU did my project actually consume, how much of my data was processed as a percentage share of the Grid total in that time period and what are the I/O, network and storage metrics for my project vs. the project next door which is paying a different amount for their Grid usage?

The question is just as pressing for new IT projects planning to use the Grid. They need solid metrics to estimate projected ETL costs: how much Grid resources will their project consume, what will their usage costs are? Is there spare, and therefore cheaper, capacity available on the Grid or must additional capacity be purchased? And they need to know if their estimated costs match the reality after go-live.

This is a COSTLY business. At a time when cost sensitivity has never been higher it seems that sharing costs across a Grid remains a black art. Often, not only do projects not pay their fair share but also a lack of understanding of Grid resource consumption causes a fear-driven approach to capacity planning where potentially unnecessary or inappropriate expansion costs are incurred as an insurance policy against under-capacity. These are significant costs that feed all the way through to the profitability of the products and services that your business sells to its customers

Well, I have good news. We have unlocked a proven method to give an accurate share of costs across a Grid; we can enable you to price total resource usage from an individual workflow all the way to an entire project’s resource consumption and we can tell you where you have unused capacity or when & where you need to invest. There is no longer an excuse for over- or under-charging, no more lack of visibility of spare capacity on your Grid and for the biggest saving of all, no more fear-driven Grid investment decisions!

HIPPO’s hub management module gets your recharge model 100% right, 100% of the time. We produce summary reports of project usage by your chosen timeframe to enable you to aggregate project recharge totals, we produce detailed reports to enable you to drill down to the individual workflows and sessions to view their usage as an overall percentage of the whole. We can even summarise the critical failure picture for the month to help you identify which projects consume most out-of-hours support costs.

Whether you are a Grid Administrator or a member of a project team who relies on a shared Grid environment or an analyst estimating the Informatica costs of a new business initiative then consider HIPPO’s unique Hub Manager functionality to optimise your recharge process and get the most out of your Grid environment. See Hippo at

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