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Award-Winning PowerCenter Performance Monitoring

HIPPO gives a complete perspective on your Informatica estate by collating data from across the Informatica and infrastructure technology stack and correlating this data at a granular level to allow you to monitor and diagnose everything from CPU & Memory used by an individual session to Data Movement trends across your entire Grid

Many Delivery Models

Install HIPPO on-premise or in the cloud to monitor everything from transformations, sessions or workflows to your entire Informatica estate. Receive alerts by email on crucial information such as run-time deviations, exceptions, failures, missed SLA’s and governance rules.

Here’s What Our Customers Say

“Not only has HIPPO given us the ability to manage our Informatica environment more effectively, but we now have the information we need to allocate the costs of providing the Informatica hub to the business on a more accurate basis.”
Ville Elomaa, Service Manager at Nokia Siemens

From Alert to Diagnosis in Seconds

Receiving an alert in HIPPO is just the start. HIPPO takes you straight to the information you need to diagnose and fix the problem. Whether your session has spilt a cache to disk, the row throughput has dropped, or the time to first row is growing – you’ll know about it.

Here’s What Our Partners Say

“HIPPO allows Informatica users to monitor and analyze the entire Informatica environment, all from a single web-based browser. Its capabilities have proven to be invaluable to our customers.”
Scott Geffre, Snr Director at Informatica Marketplace

Nokia Siemens Networks Lowers the Cost of Data Integration with HIPPO and the Informatica Marketplace

Read the fantastic success story of HIPPO and Nokia Siemens Networks brought together by the Informatica Marketplace (download as PDF).

Diagnose More Effectively With Timeline

Reconstruct previous issues with Timeline – whether they happened last night or last week – to inform your resolution. By linking CPU and memory consumption to session activity, you’ll gain valuable insight into abnormal session behaviour and contention. Which will enable you to diagnose the problem as a sudden blip or part of an ongoing issue.

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